Become A Personal Trainer – Personal Fitness Training Course ACSM


Personal Fitness Training ACSM Personal Fitness Training ACSM

The Online Professional Certificate in Personal Fitness Training is a web-based, interactive educational experience that includes input and guidance from outstanding faculty/instructors drawn from colleges/universities, the allied health/medical field, and the personal fitness training profession.
The certificate program is designed to supply essential education integrating exercise science curriculum and practical training techniques into a systematic model that teaches students to progress their clients through different training levels and phases.  Students will be prepared for careers working at medically-based fitness facilities, community wellness programs, personal training studios, physical therapy clinics, corporate fitness centers, YMCAs/JCCs, and private and commercial health clubs. Included with the either certificate program registration, you will receive complimentary access to receive the National Posture Institutes Certified Resistance Training Professional (RTP) designation.  In addition, the program prepares students for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer Certification.  ACSM provides graduating certificate students a Preferred Discount on the ACSM Personal Training Certification Exam and study materials.


For adults (18 and over)
Students must have a GED or High School diploma to participate

Program Course List and Course Descriptions:

Introduction to Exercise Science – Level 1  (Anatomy and Kinesiology):  50 Hours
In this course, students gain an understanding of musculoskeletal and functional anatomy and the effects of exercise placed on joint structures during exercise movements. Emphasis is placed on learning about proper body alignment, joint range of motion (ROM), basic biomechanics, and kinesiological principles to the development of safe and effective exercise programs.

Introduction to Exercise Science – Level 2 (Exercise Physiology):  50 Hours
This course is designed to teach the personal trainer how the muscular, skeletal, and cardiorespiratory systems function with and without exercise conditioning. Additional topics include energy metabolism, neuromuscular function, and the physiology of exercise in relation to training programs and environmental considerations.

Health Risk Profiles and Fitness Assessment Techniques:  50 Hours
This course teaches students how to assess and evaluate cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular testing techniques, joint ROM, flexibility, body-fat ana…


Personal Fitness Training ACSM

Personal Fitness Training ACSM

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